Prédio24 - Condominium Management Platform

This app allows the residents of your condominium to check all the minutes of the meetings and to know when the next on is scheduled. Also, very importantly, your residents will be able to report any anomalies in the condominium.


GuidEvent - Platform for Event Content Management

GuidEvent is a cloud platform that allows event agencies, tourism companies, travel agencies, wedding companies, museum directors and all companies in general who want to give important and relevant information about an event, upload the contents of that Event access to the GuidEvent platform of DUALTIME, and give a unique code of your event to your customers, so they can have access to the GuidEvent APP available for free on Android and iOS.



PROMO.COOL - Marketing Automation Platform

Promo.Cool is a Mobile Application as a Service (MAaaS) that allows your company to communicate your brand to your customers and manage a loyalty program, based on points associated with costumer sales.

You can define a new promotion or manage existing ones on our website and those promotions become readily available on your costumer's app. The app is designed with a brand-consistent look, and will be published on the major app stores, including:

    Apple's App Store
   • Google Play


We also provide an app for your staff to register new costumers and assign them points, which are automatically calculated based on the amount spent by the costumer. 




Our back-end server calculates the prizes that each customer can be entitled to win, according to the current published promotions. Your customers can check those prizes at any given time on their app.

Does your company have any business-specific needs that you'd like us to address? Don't worry, we have thought of it, and we are happy to say that we have got your back. Additional features can be added as they suit your business needs.

So, have you thought on the million ways Promo.Cool can help you achieve the most effective engagement with your costumers?

Contact us for a demonstration.