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About Us

DUALTIME – Cloud Business Solutions, Lda is a company that develops IoT solutions, AI algorithms, web apps and mobile apps.

We are a team focused on bringing innovation to the technological development market with the tools and knowledge needed at an unbeatable price.

In order to keep improving our service, we make a constant analysis to the market tendencies and look forward to always improve the user experience and communication of our services. 

About RIS 2048

Established in 2000, RIS 2048 agregates in a single structure the business of many information system enterprises which used to operate in the North of Portugal since the early 90's.


The need for obtaining an organization with critical dimensions that allowed to group together highly quilified human resources was one of the main reasons for the establishment of RIS 2048.


RIS 2048's structure was designed in such a way that allows the company to answer the most demanding clients, creating value for their business.


With the evolution of Information Technology, RIS 2048 formed a new group of enterprises which support different geographic and activity areas. In this context arises DUALTIME, a company oriented to develop IoT solutions and AI algorithms.



Business volume






Established since


Conheça a RIS2048 

Contact Us


3800-055 AVEIRO
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Phone: +351 234301550
Software Center
    Mafra Business Factory
Avenida Primeiro de Maio, Nº1
2640-455 Mafra
Google Maps
Phone: +351 913554237