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RFID on metal


An adequate choice and proper installation of RFID tags in environments with an abundance of metal is a highly complex challenge, taking into account the reflections caused by metal, which by itself creates interference with the sensors. In this context, DUALTIME has the experience in selecting and the appropriate skills to install the most appropriate tags for such environments.

On top of selecting the suitable material for this environment, DUALTIME has developed an AI algorithm capable of reducing drastically the error probability which may eventually occur in the process of reading RFID tags.

RFID for quality control in production lines


DUALTIME offers a solution that allows plastic injection companies (such as those that work with the car and aeronautic industries) that require a quality control that ensures that each piece goes through each workstation and all tasks are performed in the correct order. The installation of an RFID tag on a piece with Dualtime’s CPS software for each workstation and in collaboration with our IPS software for factories, assures total production quality control.

The production director, besides assuring the quality of each process, keeps also the history and indicators of productions, such as: time management for each production center, machine and employee productivity, defect registration and rastreability of all the production process.

Beacons for pallet and tool detection in factories


DUALTIME offers a solution that allows logistic companies and cold stores to freely circulate between racks and to know exactly where the pallet of a given client is, thanks to the installation of a localization chip.

For cold stores, there’s also an individual registration of temperature of each pallet, which is a big advantage for systems of food quality certification (HACCP).