Oscacer Group


Within the scope of this project, DUALTIME has developed a solution that provides a more rigorous and efficient management of all operations related with steel coils and sheets, therefore eliminating common problems in this type of technological approaches.

Our installation of Profinet sensors, combined with our artificial intelligence algorithm, allows the Oscacer Group to:

- Keep coil stock always up to date;
- Store three-dimensional positions and the respective weight of the coils;
- Eliminate noise in RFID readings, something typical in these type of technological approaches.


Communication project for Flama’s Robot


FLAMA is a portuguese company that produces and commercializes small household appliances. We have developed for FLAMA a mobile app that communicates with 2180FL & 218FL robot models that support WiFi.

This communication allows users to give instructions to the kitchen robot, from the app. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to cook without manipulating the robot directly. The recipes themselves are pre-programmed in the app.
Silentwind Project


We have developed for Silentwind an app that allows eolic generator owners produced by this company to interact with the hybrid charge controller, which in turn controls the eolic generators.

In this sense, users can, at any point, consult relevant information and give commands, such as:

- Activate the fan remotely
- Consult the battery charge
- Consult the energy that is being generated
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